Why This Matters

Pushing a Progressive agenda is our #1 priority. To do that, we need to elect more Progressive champions, but with 435 Districts spread out across the country and a historically high number of candidates running in Primaries, it can feel overwhelming. Where do you start? What can you do?

We are here to help cut through the noise.

We will be putting together a comprehensive analysis of Congressional Primaries, Open Seats, and General Elections that will be the focus of 2020. We are currently conducting research, interviews, and various other analyses to put this all together. (If you can lend a hand, let us know… we are grassroots led).

Last year we confined our efforts to just New York, and we were phenomenally successful. We won 75% of the primaries we endorsed and 60% of the general elections. In 2020, we are expanding to many other states, but we need your help to be successful. Sign up to volunteer today!